What makes for quality, authentic food?

A quality, authentic source.

This means that our crunchy and nutritious fruits and vegetables are delivered fresh by local providers every day.

To source our meat, Tierra works hand-in-hand with the family-run Campocerrado farm. Nestled in the nearby plains of Salamanca, their operation guarantees top-rate care and nourishment for their Limousin cows and Iberian pigs as they raise them in the fresh air, off the land, and in nature.

” Nuestra intención es poder ofrecer el producto en el que garanticemos , a lo largo de toda la cadena las buenas usos y costumbres del campo “

Borja Fernández-Cobaleda

The result?

The tasty, colorful veggies and juicy pork, steak, and barbecue we use to bring our genuine burritos, desnudo burrito bowls, nachos, and more, to your plate. This is the food we make with you, on the spot, and before your eyes. You get to see your wholesome food being prepared before enjoying it.

What’s more, we never use freezers

you can taste the healthy freshness of our food from the very first bite. Everything is cooked the same day.

Straight from the field to our open kitchen.

So you can enjoy food done right.

So you can enjoy Tierra.